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Yookie Power Bank YO18 10000 MAH For router and mobile white 2.4A

242,000 SP

192,000 SP


inlet no


outlet no


Battery Type

Lithium Polymer

Charging Time

" It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge, depending on the capacity of the charger"



the use

It operates the router from approximately 10 to 11 hours on a 9V router, and thus operates the router for approximately 8 hours on a 12V router


"It is possible to charge mobile phones from it, the power works on the router with 12V and on the router with 9V because there is an automatic shunt in the power and thus to prevent damage to the router, when the router charger is connected to the entrance of the power bank, it is output from the Output power to the router. It can be powered on and charged at the same time"

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